Saturday, February 13, 2010

Taxpayers need to watch both hands

Two of the most recent events to be in the public eye for SWCS are the upcoming contract negotiations and the state auditors report. The auditors report is very transparent for citizens to see whether or not the district heeds its recommendations to save money. I will be watching to see if the district addresses the excessive maintenance staffing and bus routes. Bill Wise is already starting to cry about the report that was so heavily touted before it came out. How will Bill Wise get the focus of the auditors report that he has no intention of implementing out of the public spotlight? He will focus on contract negotiations and only contract negotiations. The contract negotiations have no transparency at all to the tax paying public. Whatever is negotiated will be called a hard nose victory for the district with the so-called Community Advisory Groups stamp of approval.

The Community Advisory Group meets twice a month yet posts no minutes that I am aware of (anyone have those available). They are a non elected clown group set up to try and give SWCS the appearance of credibility with the community. The chairman of this Community Advisory Group is a community organizer that has ties to the "National Council of La Raza" and ACORN. I feel good knowing he has input and the districts ear. He has been doing business on the West side of Columbus since 1993 making a decent living off tax payer money under the Community Re-investment Act. You would think with all the years of service to the community the West side would be a show place. I challenge the Community Advisory Group to see that the state auditors recommendations are implemented and leave the so called contract negotiations to the elected representatives of the district. Check out Evan Brooks in the ThisWeek
"Negotiations with unions cited as best way to save money". The Community Advisory Group makes no mention of the state auditors findings and only wants to focus on contract negotiations that are not transparent to the tax payers anyway. The Community Advisory Group makes no mention of implementing the auditors findings to save the district money. Residents of SWCS need to stay focused on implementing the state auditors report and not focus only on the contract negotiations. Bill Wise and the Community Advisory Group want you to forget.

State auditors findings

Here is an article with some of the state auditors findings. I posted a few highlights.
"But some of the suggestions would require bargaining with the district's certified and classified unions, including:
• Mandatory direct deposit for all employees.
• Modifying step increases or limiting future wages for classified employees, so that compensation is in line with that at similar local districts.
• Removing provisions in the employees' contracts that hinder administrators' ability to manage, such as requirements on class size, school-day schedules and kindergarten aides.
• Bringing monthly health-care premiums in line with State Employment Relations Board averages for the Columbus area, enrolling more employees in lower-cost health-insurance plans and increasing employee contributions for dental and vision insurance.
• Evaluating incentives that encourage employees to retire."

"A recommendation to create an internal auditor position to review the district's operations would increase expenses, Superintendent Bill Wise said.
And eliminating nine buses from the district's fleet, as suggested, would mean longer ride times for students. Slashing 15 positions in maintenance and operations would meet industry standards, but it wouldn't take into account the district's community needs, Wise said.
For example, the district covers custodial costs when community groups such as parks and recreation departments use the buildings, he said.
Auditors lauded the district's operations in eight areas, including how officials manage workers' compensation costs and provide instruction to specialized students such as gifted and special-needs children.
District officials will compose a response plan to the findings, including whether they will go forward with any of the recommendations."

Here Bill Wise tries to rationalize 15 positions in maintenance that are above industry standards. That is not 2 or 3 but 15. I could allow for 2 or 3 positions within industry standards but 15 is an obvious waste and over staffed. "Eliminating 9 buses" tells me that our buses are not being utilized efficiently. A few more minutes ride time for students would save 9 driver positions and maintenance and fuel on those 9 buses. These buses could be sold. It is time for the progressives running SWCS to learn a little about business and start running the district like a business. The best way for the district to receive the support of the taxpayers is to protect its pocket not coddle its bloated employees. Implementing the states recommendations would be a start. We the people are watching.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Progressive birds of a feather

I listened to our President last night “re-communicate” his desire for Health care Reform. I was struck by how similar it was to CFSWCS and the Central Office telling the media, after three levy denials, that the voters just didnt understand the issue. This is becoming a pattern. Elitist Progressives insisting on their agendas being implemented without dissent from the voters. This behavior is consistent with spoiled children whom have always gotten their way by wearing down the parent with constant chatter and whining. This is disturbing when found in children; it is tyranny when found in public servants. I will not yield to the President or SWCS or any other Progressive politicians as they will continue their whining, lying, blaming others, and talking down to me as though I were too stupid or ignorant to understand that they must have their way at any and all costs. My answer as an American Patriot is “NO!”

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I really don't need to comment on this story do I ? The district continues to show its true self.
The state is in financial crisis. The country is in financial crisis yet the spending goes on and on. When does it stop? Merry Christmas Bill Wise and Hugh Garside. I Cant wait for the contract negotiations.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Education Nightmare

Bill Wise needs to start making cuts now. The state budget included projected revenues brought in by slot machines and casino's. I thought the Ohio lottery was supposed to solve the education funding problems of Ohio? Bill Wise better start making cuts now. Read about it below.

Government Idiocracy$1-Million-Toward-Foreclosure-Miti
Read about Richard Cordray and the Special Interests he represents. When is he going to go after the Community organizations that referred people to these lenders? Wait a minute he just sued Countrywide on behalf of the community organizations. They can use this money to counsel people that are being foreclosed on.

They make money getting people loans and then make more money counseling the people that couldn't afford the loans on how to leave the property. What a scam! Richard Cordray helps these community organizations make more money instead of shutting them down for exploiting the low income and minorities for mortgages they couldn't afford. Only in America can the predator make money twice off the prey with the help of Richard Cordray. Remember SWCS wanted and received his endorsement for their levy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

More fraud waste and abuse of resident tax money Here the Columbus Dispatch actually does its job exposing local corruption in government. Here you can read about how Franklin county treats its veterans. "You can judge a society by how it treats its weakest members" (Mahatma Gandhi). What does it say about our "Community" when we feed the bureaucracy at the expense of our Seniors and Veterans. Teach your children what "Remembrance day" Dec. 7 1941 is all about tomorrow.

Friday, December 4, 2009

ESL overload Here is an article that has interesting facts about the overload of ESL(English as a second language)students in the district. I find it funny how the majority of these students are in Westland and Central Crossing areas of the district. Why not "Grove City"? How much money is brought in for the ESL students? Why so many ESL students in SWCS? Why does Columbus have the second largest Somali population in the country? How much did the new program cost taxpayers of SWCS? Here is another waste of district money. Can they show a benefit of this costly new program on ESL students? This district is of the mindset that Diversity at the cost of student performance brings federal money. This link will explain that each ESL student equals federal dollars.

"At Park Street Intermediate, Savage said teachers asked a few female Muslim Somali students to talk to students in the school about Islam during a time when the entire student population studied the three major religions of the world -- Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.
She added that school districts across the nation want to create a curriculum that will produce a student with a global mindset. Having foreign students in the schools only helps teachers and students achieve that goal."
Here is an example of the brain washing of your children into a Global mindset. You can't have a Christmas tree in the classroom yet your children can be taught about Islam?
Since when were their only 3 major religions of the world? They intentionally disregard
Hinduism and Judaism as a world religion as to not offend Muslims? Are they teaching your children about the Holocaust or that there were Muslim allies of Hitler? This district and its politically correct form of education and exploitation of minorities is over the top. Call Bill Wise at 614-801-3000 and tell him no more Islamic indoctrination for your kids. I am sure your child would be sent home for carrying a Bible in school. Is your child an American citizen? or a "Global" citizen. It is time for you to decide and Let Bill Wise know.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The districts tactics exposed Here you can read about familiar tactics used by the SWCS district to exploit the community. They become "Community Focused" instead of "Contract focused". Do you recognize any of these strategies. Instead of making the levy about taxes and fiscal accountability. The district makes Terry Jones the focus. A Trojan horse so to speak. It is easier to vote against Terry Jones that
"hates children and education" than it is to vote for increasing your own taxes. The district has learned the unions lesson well. The real issue is performance and administration pay. They will never address the truth. It will always be about the union talking points of children and the community.
Check out the message from Bill Wise under quarterly report and see that it comes straight from the Unions.
Here you will find all the information that explains the districts actions. There is not one mention of educating students from the teachers unions.
Do you think the district will ask the unions for a pay freeze? I think asking the unions for a pay freeze is entirely reasonable. If the district allows raises you will have been let down again by the board. These next contracts will tell the story. Let Bill Wise (614) 801-3000 know that you will not tolerate raises. Remember that the buck stops with Bill Wise. He exploited the sports and transportation of your children and now must not be allowed to squander the money for raises for the administration. The video below explains the real goal of education. They will never allow student performance to be tied to collective bargaining(Pay).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boycotts Has issued a boycott list. Please be sure and e-mail the corporate offices of these businesses and let them know that these locations are alienating half of their customer base. In most cases the corporate offices are not aware of the individual donations of district locations. I have received numerous apologies and gift certificates from district businesses. I have also received a couple calls from pissed off managers that got their butts chewed for their donations to SWCS supporters. All gift cards and certificates have been denied due to my own ethics. I cannot be pacified by a free meal or shopping spree.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Magic money

The supporters of SWCS claim that the state needs to fix the funding system for schools. The homestead exemption tax is reimbursed by the state. Where do SWCS supporters think the state gets its money? I will give you a clue "Taxpayers" they think that money from the state is magic and comes out of thin air. As revenues decrease with double digit unemployment, the state will continue to reduce funding for schools. What will the district do? Ask for more levies? cut spending? cut programs? I suggest that the district start cutting programs and spending immediately. The state will not be able to provide funding at the same rates. Every penny counts going forward. Residents in this district cannot afford to make up for funding that is reduced by the state. Hard choices have to be made now. It is a simple task, freeze wages, eliminate unnecessary programs and positions not required by law. The future economic demise is closer than you think.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


SWCS supporters look to government to solve the problems of the district. They think that politicians can and will solve the problems. I am of the belief that politicians are bought and paid for by special interests (unions, Acorn, NCLR, SWEA, Afscme, NEA, AFLCIO,). The list of special interests go on and on. The government is no longer of the people, by the people, for the people. Special interests are the ruling party. I believe that the people are the solution. Special interests need to be sent a clear message. I will be watching as more homes empty in the district and businesses close. The government has left the children of this nation the largest debt of any generation and it continues. Fiscal responsibility has to start now at home and on the local level. The district has no problem if it lives on the money it receives. Champagne tastes on a beer budget continues in this district. Does this district need a swimming coach? Does this district need to offer German language classes? How about trips to Germany? Trips to Washington, D.C.? All this at the expense of residents on fixed incomes, a middle class that has had its jobs perish because of government. Our country faces the worst economic times in history and the answer will not be more government (Taxes) it will have to be fiscal responsibility.

Its time to move forward?

SWCS supporters post a nice manifesto on their website about moving forward. They claim that the battle is over and that we need to join forces to change school funding in Ohio. They are masters of deflection, half truths and want everyone to go away and stop the criticism of the administration. "Show the administration the respect that it deserves" they whine. An organization that calls itself "Grassroots" yet is funded by unions and business that receive tax abatement's. They want money for "Cadillac" salaries and benefits packages. Screw the home owners that don't make a living off the district. Let the rest of the district subsidize the free ride of Grove City businesses. The eyes of the district are open. We will fight for what is right and hold you accountable. The supporters of SWCS had no intentions of moving forward when the voters sent a clear message of "NO" 3 times before. I will move forward and continue to expose corruption at the local level and the state level. The local media is bought and paid for. Lack of competition makes for lousy media watchdogs. The battle is over for now but the war has just begun.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Grove City's "Attorney general" Obama's Lackey!

Read about Richard Cordray defending fellow "Corrupticrats" that went after "Joe the plumber". Your Ohio tax money being used to defend these "Corrupticrat" sleazebags that want their State Jobs back.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quotable quotes

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. Thomas Jefferson

Frederick Douglass, one of the most prominent black Americans in history, and for some time, a slave, weighed in on the issue with profound insight:

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue till they have resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress."

Our country is not a democracy. It is a democratic Republic of laws. Educate yourself and your children what this means. Our founding fathers knew this. Those that call our country a democracy are ignoring our constitution.

Coaches before buses?

The administration at SWCS is gloating about the levy victory only to start to show their true colors right away. The administration hires coaches back immediately and practices that were never canceled only conducted in hiding come back instantly. So I would assume that the buses are running again and right on schedule but wait, are the buses running again? You would think that a district that cared about kids so much would have had those buses fueled and ready to go immediately just like sports. When you take your kids to school on Monday morning ask yourself why you are still driving your child or your child is still walking. I can tell you why, but it is better that you come to your own conclusion. I won't hold my breath waiting on those buses. I hope all you parents out there that voted yes realize that you got the shaft and shafted everyone else with you. Thank you, oh gullible ones, for falling to the pressure.
This is from the Citizens for SWCS website. Read it and see when the buses are to return. Oh wait they didnt get around to that plan. Too busy hiring a swimming coach.
( "If Issue 47 passes in November, the district will work as quickly as possible to restore both the extracurricular activities and busing that were eliminated after Issue 2 failed in August. Busing is a particular concern because of safety issues, and the vast majority, if not all of the busing services, will be restored with passage of Issue 47. The timing of these restorations has not yet been determined, but just as the district did in August, they’ll make contingency plans for November and present this at an upcoming board meeting.")

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank you SWCS and "Homes on the hill"
Just when I thought I lived in Ohio this appears in the dispatch. As California goes, so does the nation. We now have our very own Hispanic gang bangers here on the west side. I would like to thank the Chairman of SWCS Community Advisory Group Mr. Stephen Torsell for making Columbus so much like east LA right down to the Hispanic gang bangers. You have to love these "Community Organizers" Wherever they go the place turns into a ghetto. Just look at the magic our wonderful president performed with ACORN in Chicago. Children now beat each other to death on the streets in Obamas' old neighborhood. The community exploiters will be the death of this nation. Thank you SWCS.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grassroots from the unions and administrators

Below you can read about how supporters of Issue 47 spent $94,000 on propaganda to try and pass a levy for the unions and administrators on the last levy attempt. How much did they spend this time on issue 47? They claim to care about kids and accuse those that are against tax increases of being kid haters. The fact that this so-called "grass roots" organization raises so much money to raise taxes is astounding. I now must ask if they can raise so much money from a grass roots campaign, why there are not new coats and gloves on every poor low income child in the Columbus area. I am sure an organization that raises so much money, and remember they care about children is why they do it. I have to ask how much money do they raise for "Charity Newsies"? Or any child related charities. I challenge them to go out and raise $94,000 for "Charity Newsies" and buy coats and gloves for low income and poor children in central Ohio. Put your money where your mouth is. We all know how much a grass roots organization that cares about kids is willing to do this. I will be waiting on this announcement from SWCS supporters. I probably wont hold my breath. New coats and gloves for unions and administrators first.

Administrative Salaries for SWCS

TREASURER $ 118,450.00
ASST, TREASURER $ 101,877.30

Saturday, October 17, 2009

More myths from levy supporters

This is from SWCS supporters own website and they want you to trust them? Anything Grove City signs is supposed to be open for public review. They should be called "MYTHSPREADERS"

("MYTHBUSTERS…Let’s clear up a few things with some facts. Opponents of Issue 47 want Grove City to reveal what companies have chosen not to locate there because of the school levy challenge. The reason these companies don’t want to reveal themselves is twofold – they have asked the City to sign a confidentiality agreement and because this information can be used by potential competitors and others who may take advantage of this information for their own self interests. Think about it…if you were a business owner considering a new location, would you want your competitors to know?!")

This is direct from the SWCS Levy supporters website! Who is spreading myth?
Have these SWCS supporters ever heard of "Ohio Sunshine Laws? They in no way shape or form are supposed to conduct any "Secret Meetings or Business" out of the public eye. I suggest that the SWCS district and Local politicians might contact the Attorney General for some guidence on what that means. Check it out for yourself.
No more money for corruption!
Vote "NO" on 47

Friday, October 16, 2009

SWCS supporters tout "Township Resolution"
SWCS supporters tout a township resolution as if it gives them some credibility. Many of us know that not all the district's townships were involved in the propaganda. They claim to be willing to work with all parties statewide to come up with a way to fund schools that is constitutional. In this resolution they admit the current system is unconstitutional.
They claim and I quote from their own resolution. ("The goal of our commitment would be to alleviate the direct burdens and hardships imposed by real property tax assessments and levies as the means for school funding in the state of Ohio;") They then support another Tax levy on the residents? ("Issue 47"). How is that alleviating the direct burden and hardships imposed by levies? If they were serious they would be getting the unions to stop lobbying the state of Ohio to leave the current "Unconstitutional" property tax levy funding system in place. These levy supporters talk out of both sides of there mouth. Which is it you want, to alleviate our tax burdens or pass another levy? You cant do both! Vote No on 47!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

School language barrier means more money for SWCS

Here is an article that explains the districts high rate of non-English speaking students.
SWCS= 8.86 % compared to statewide avg of 2.51% Non English students=more money for the district. Read this and decide is the district concerned about your kids education or receiving state and federal money with the help of organizations like ACORNS
"Homes on the hill" Operating now out of Westland Mall. Get the facts and then decide.
Vote "NO" on "47"

Saturday, October 3, 2009

SWCS supporters tout hometown success story

"Ohio Attorney General" Richard Cordray is touted as a resident and supporter of Issue 47. He is slated to appear at the Grove City Church of the Nazarene (Oct. 4, 3:00pm)
How deep is the corruption? The state of Ohio refuses to enforce immigration laws yet makes money selling License plates to illegals nationwide.
"Homes on the Hill" Annual meeting 2009 (pictured)
Vote "NO" again!

Friday, October 2, 2009

SWCS appoints lobbyist with ties to ACORN as Chairman

SWCS has appointed its "Community Advisory Group" Chairman. Mr. Stephen Torsell, Executive director of "Homes on the Hill" and Lobbyist for the "National Council of La Raza".
"Homes on the Hill" receives funding from "ACORN" through "The Columbus Foundation" and many other community organizations.
Check out both links and decide does he represent you and your community?
The district complains that state test scores are low due to non-English speaking students. The district doesn't want you to know that they are in bed with lobbyists that make their living off the influx of non-English speaking students and exploits their parents for cheap labor.
Ask the district Why!
HISPANIC STUDENTS AS % OF TOTAL (FY08) SWCS= 8.86 (Compare to State wide AVG. = 2.51)
No more tax money for SWCS until they represent residents not lobbyists! Let them Know you wont tolerate anymore corruption!