Saturday, February 13, 2010

State auditors findings

Here is an article with some of the state auditors findings. I posted a few highlights.
"But some of the suggestions would require bargaining with the district's certified and classified unions, including:
• Mandatory direct deposit for all employees.
• Modifying step increases or limiting future wages for classified employees, so that compensation is in line with that at similar local districts.
• Removing provisions in the employees' contracts that hinder administrators' ability to manage, such as requirements on class size, school-day schedules and kindergarten aides.
• Bringing monthly health-care premiums in line with State Employment Relations Board averages for the Columbus area, enrolling more employees in lower-cost health-insurance plans and increasing employee contributions for dental and vision insurance.
• Evaluating incentives that encourage employees to retire."

"A recommendation to create an internal auditor position to review the district's operations would increase expenses, Superintendent Bill Wise said.
And eliminating nine buses from the district's fleet, as suggested, would mean longer ride times for students. Slashing 15 positions in maintenance and operations would meet industry standards, but it wouldn't take into account the district's community needs, Wise said.
For example, the district covers custodial costs when community groups such as parks and recreation departments use the buildings, he said.
Auditors lauded the district's operations in eight areas, including how officials manage workers' compensation costs and provide instruction to specialized students such as gifted and special-needs children.
District officials will compose a response plan to the findings, including whether they will go forward with any of the recommendations."

Here Bill Wise tries to rationalize 15 positions in maintenance that are above industry standards. That is not 2 or 3 but 15. I could allow for 2 or 3 positions within industry standards but 15 is an obvious waste and over staffed. "Eliminating 9 buses" tells me that our buses are not being utilized efficiently. A few more minutes ride time for students would save 9 driver positions and maintenance and fuel on those 9 buses. These buses could be sold. It is time for the progressives running SWCS to learn a little about business and start running the district like a business. The best way for the district to receive the support of the taxpayers is to protect its pocket not coddle its bloated employees. Implementing the states recommendations would be a start. We the people are watching.

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