Saturday, November 28, 2009

The districts tactics exposed Here you can read about familiar tactics used by the SWCS district to exploit the community. They become "Community Focused" instead of "Contract focused". Do you recognize any of these strategies. Instead of making the levy about taxes and fiscal accountability. The district makes Terry Jones the focus. A Trojan horse so to speak. It is easier to vote against Terry Jones that
"hates children and education" than it is to vote for increasing your own taxes. The district has learned the unions lesson well. The real issue is performance and administration pay. They will never address the truth. It will always be about the union talking points of children and the community.
Check out the message from Bill Wise under quarterly report and see that it comes straight from the Unions.
Here you will find all the information that explains the districts actions. There is not one mention of educating students from the teachers unions.
Do you think the district will ask the unions for a pay freeze? I think asking the unions for a pay freeze is entirely reasonable. If the district allows raises you will have been let down again by the board. These next contracts will tell the story. Let Bill Wise (614) 801-3000 know that you will not tolerate raises. Remember that the buck stops with Bill Wise. He exploited the sports and transportation of your children and now must not be allowed to squander the money for raises for the administration. The video below explains the real goal of education. They will never allow student performance to be tied to collective bargaining(Pay).


  1. It makes no sense to tie teacher pay to student performance. There are so many factors that determine how well a student does in school, and the current teacher is very low on the list. For instance, parental involvement is easily the most important aspect in how well a student performs in school. Teachers have very little to do with parental involvement in their children's lives. Also, students come into the school year at different levels of knowledge, based on previous teachers and the afforementioned parental involvement. Basing pay on student performance is not anything that can be done in reality, it is an idea that sounds good, but there is no way to do it in a fair way to both teachers and students in reality.

    The best way to get teacher pay more fairly applied is probably to privatize education, but that would come with a whole other set of unintended consequences.

  2. There are many examples where private education outperforms public education. The Goddard education center does well enough to stay in business. Parents wouldnt pay for it if they could get what they offer for free from SWCS. Think about it. Something to think about. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I agree that private education could outperform most public schools (I went to a very good private high school). I would just worry about how to oversee what is being taught at each school (think about the muslim schools that would be able to teach god knows what). I realize there are some questionable things being taught in schools now, but at least there is some kind of oversight and regulation with elected school boards. Of course many of those problems exist now, I just don't know if privatizing would fix those problems or make them worse and if privatizing would create any unforeseen problems.

  4. The Muslim schools are teaching anything they choose. They have no oversight because we have leaders that hold hands or bow down to the Saudi king. Using Muslim schools is not an appropriate example. They do not teach anything about America.