Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grassroots from the unions and administrators

Below you can read about how supporters of Issue 47 spent $94,000 on propaganda to try and pass a levy for the unions and administrators on the last levy attempt. How much did they spend this time on issue 47? They claim to care about kids and accuse those that are against tax increases of being kid haters. The fact that this so-called "grass roots" organization raises so much money to raise taxes is astounding. I now must ask if they can raise so much money from a grass roots campaign, why there are not new coats and gloves on every poor low income child in the Columbus area. I am sure an organization that raises so much money, and remember they care about children is why they do it. I have to ask how much money do they raise for "Charity Newsies"? Or any child related charities. I challenge them to go out and raise $94,000 for "Charity Newsies" and buy coats and gloves for low income and poor children in central Ohio. Put your money where your mouth is. We all know how much a grass roots organization that cares about kids is willing to do this. I will be waiting on this announcement from SWCS supporters. I probably wont hold my breath. New coats and gloves for unions and administrators first.


  1. My wife is a teacher and she spends roughly $1000 of our own money every year buying supplies for her students who cannot afford the supplies or who have parents who refuse to buy supplies. Every year she buys 2 coats and hats to keep in her room for the inevitable child who does not have one when winter roles around. She also provides snacks for students whose parents send their kids to school without any snacks or without breakfast.

    Personally, I would like the levy to fail because it would make it easier to convince my wife to move out of the area so I would be closer to my workplace. My problem with your post, however, is that you imply teachers and administrators don't donate money to charity simply because they support the levy. Many probably don't give money to charity, but there are also many that probably do. We donate a large portion of our salaries and time to local charities and church, so for you to assume that any administrator or union member doesn't "care" about the kids or community is offensive to me.

  2. a challenge to the SWCS levy supporters to turn their fundraising efforts into something positive for the community such as "Charity Newsies". The SWCS supporters are terrific fundraisers. I appreciate your willingness to comment and charatable donations. This could be a bridge to healing a community already divided.