Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its time to move forward?

SWCS supporters post a nice manifesto on their website about moving forward. They claim that the battle is over and that we need to join forces to change school funding in Ohio. They are masters of deflection, half truths and want everyone to go away and stop the criticism of the administration. "Show the administration the respect that it deserves" they whine. An organization that calls itself "Grassroots" yet is funded by unions and business that receive tax abatement's. They want money for "Cadillac" salaries and benefits packages. Screw the home owners that don't make a living off the district. Let the rest of the district subsidize the free ride of Grove City businesses. The eyes of the district are open. We will fight for what is right and hold you accountable. The supporters of SWCS had no intentions of moving forward when the voters sent a clear message of "NO" 3 times before. I will move forward and continue to expose corruption at the local level and the state level. The local media is bought and paid for. Lack of competition makes for lousy media watchdogs. The battle is over for now but the war has just begun.


  1. Cheryl Grossman, the former mayor of Grove City is now a state representative. Has she tried to address the School funding problem. I am sure she is aware of it. (crickets chirping) I wont hold my breath. I would bet money that she has received money from the unions.

  2. Paranoid much? Despite what Glenn Beck says (and yes it is obvious you are a fan because you repeat his views almost verbatim), everything is not a conspiracy.

  3. What conspiracy? Wait till the levy increases hit residents tax bills and mortgage payments. You have seen nothing from district residents in anger yet. The childrens services levy passed along with the school levy. The payment is going up more than many expect with the extra children services levy. Glenn Beck? I am flattered. Thanks for commenting.