Friday, October 16, 2009

SWCS supporters tout "Township Resolution"
SWCS supporters tout a township resolution as if it gives them some credibility. Many of us know that not all the district's townships were involved in the propaganda. They claim to be willing to work with all parties statewide to come up with a way to fund schools that is constitutional. In this resolution they admit the current system is unconstitutional.
They claim and I quote from their own resolution. ("The goal of our commitment would be to alleviate the direct burdens and hardships imposed by real property tax assessments and levies as the means for school funding in the state of Ohio;") They then support another Tax levy on the residents? ("Issue 47"). How is that alleviating the direct burden and hardships imposed by levies? If they were serious they would be getting the unions to stop lobbying the state of Ohio to leave the current "Unconstitutional" property tax levy funding system in place. These levy supporters talk out of both sides of there mouth. Which is it you want, to alleviate our tax burdens or pass another levy? You cant do both! Vote No on 47!!


  1. You seriously cannot blame the school district for the method in which they are required to fund the schools can you? Instead of directing your ire at the school district, it seems like you should be directing it towards your state representatives. Do you have any sources showing the unions are lobbying the state of ohio to leave the current system in place? Believe it or not, putting it in bold font doesn't make it true.

  2. How much money is donated to Ohio politicians by the teachers and administrators unions? Do you think they give all that money to politicians because they like their smile? No change in school funding in how many years? Thanks for commenting.

  3. Still waiting for any facts instead of unbacked allegations.

  4. Here is a link for you to see.

    Google will find too many to read. This is from his own website. Enjoy
    Thanks for commenting

  5. All that states is that the OEA endorsed that candidate. For one, that is not a union. It is a professional organization that has voluntary membership. Second, endorsing a candidate does not show they want funding to remain the same. I just think you have misplaced your anger on this issue. Our elected officials have wronged us in not reforming the funding of our schools. If they are getting paid off or influenced to continue illegal funding, we should vote them out of office. Blaming anyone else is a waste of time in my opinion.