Monday, November 23, 2009

Magic money

The supporters of SWCS claim that the state needs to fix the funding system for schools. The homestead exemption tax is reimbursed by the state. Where do SWCS supporters think the state gets its money? I will give you a clue "Taxpayers" they think that money from the state is magic and comes out of thin air. As revenues decrease with double digit unemployment, the state will continue to reduce funding for schools. What will the district do? Ask for more levies? cut spending? cut programs? I suggest that the district start cutting programs and spending immediately. The state will not be able to provide funding at the same rates. Every penny counts going forward. Residents in this district cannot afford to make up for funding that is reduced by the state. Hard choices have to be made now. It is a simple task, freeze wages, eliminate unnecessary programs and positions not required by law. The future economic demise is closer than you think.

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