Saturday, January 30, 2010

Progressive birds of a feather

I listened to our President last night “re-communicate” his desire for Health care Reform. I was struck by how similar it was to CFSWCS and the Central Office telling the media, after three levy denials, that the voters just didnt understand the issue. This is becoming a pattern. Elitist Progressives insisting on their agendas being implemented without dissent from the voters. This behavior is consistent with spoiled children whom have always gotten their way by wearing down the parent with constant chatter and whining. This is disturbing when found in children; it is tyranny when found in public servants. I will not yield to the President or SWCS or any other Progressive politicians as they will continue their whining, lying, blaming others, and talking down to me as though I were too stupid or ignorant to understand that they must have their way at any and all costs. My answer as an American Patriot is “NO!”

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