Friday, October 2, 2009

SWCS appoints lobbyist with ties to ACORN as Chairman

SWCS has appointed its "Community Advisory Group" Chairman. Mr. Stephen Torsell, Executive director of "Homes on the Hill" and Lobbyist for the "National Council of La Raza".
"Homes on the Hill" receives funding from "ACORN" through "The Columbus Foundation" and many other community organizations.
Check out both links and decide does he represent you and your community?
The district complains that state test scores are low due to non-English speaking students. The district doesn't want you to know that they are in bed with lobbyists that make their living off the influx of non-English speaking students and exploits their parents for cheap labor.
Ask the district Why!
HISPANIC STUDENTS AS % OF TOTAL (FY08) SWCS= 8.86 (Compare to State wide AVG. = 2.51)
No more tax money for SWCS until they represent residents not lobbyists! Let them Know you wont tolerate anymore corruption!

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